Friday, July 7, 2017

Of a Feather

What do you make of this? If you're a regular reader of this blog, it at least suggests race realism to you. "Race reaalism" is the doctrine that races (among human beings as well as among other species, not to mention species themselves actually differ from one another in significant ways. And one way in which they differ is that they prefer the company of others like themselves: Bluebirds would rather hang out with other bluebirds than with ravens, for example. And those ravens prefer hanging out with other ravens than with eaagles or ostriches.Among humans, Blacks prefer the company of other Blacks, Eastasians the company of other Eastasians, etc.

Go here [link] to find out more about this book and others by the same author.

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  1. Most social animals are tribal. Humans are no exception. different tribes can live together, eat together, work together, play together, worship together, and even sleep together. In the end though, people are tribal. It is what it is...